Hello! I’ve been busy in the kitchen the last few days. I always trick myself into thinking I’ll cook less in the summer, but its never true. My most lovely creation this week is a fresh strawberry pie. Two pound boxes of strawberries were on sale for $1.88 at the store, so this was the natural conclusion.

Lately I’ve also been making lentil soup, salsa, lemonade, brownies (from scratch!) and gallons of chicken stock. Whew! Now I’m taking a break to focus on some more important things… like saddle shoes!!!

We’ve been watching Twin Peaks lately and its been really inspirational. However, my favorite fashion piece are the saddle shoes. I’ve seen a few charactres wearing them, but I love them in the introduction of Audrey Horne’s character.

And then she trades them out for some candy apple red pumps. I love her!

I was inspired to poke around on the internet here a little bit and ran across a super cute saddle shoe variation. I want these! Or, I want to learn how to make shoes and make these.

In case you’re wondering, they’re the Rilo by Big Buddha and they also come in pinstripe! Yay!

Oh, by the way, I think the pie might be Twin Peaks inspired as well. There is so much pie and doughnut footage on that show it drives me wild.